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Spoof Scam


Honolulu, Hawaii – It has come to our attention that members are receiving fraudulent calls from what appears to be a Hawaii Central Federal Credit Union (FCU) phone number, in which the caller is claiming to be a Hawaii Central FCU staff member and asking for card information. This is a scam. Do not give out any sensitive information.

Scammers use technology called “spoofing” to manipulate caller ID names and phone numbers to get sensitive information and gain access to the victim’s accounts.

Hawaii Central FCU wants to remind members that staff will never ask for your account number, login information or any other confidential information unless the call or inquiry is initiated by the member. If you receive a suspicious call, text, email or letter, please contact us at (808) 536-3677 or our VISA Fraud Department at (888) 918-7313 to verify the inquiry was, in fact, from Hawaii Central FCU.

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Hawaii Central Federal Credit Union Supports the Institute for Human Services as they Celebrate their 45th Anniversary

Hawaii Central Federal Credit Union Supports the Institute for Human Services as they Celebrate their 45th Anniversary

June 13, 2023

Honolulu, Hawaii –In response to concerns highlighted in the new report by UHERO, a group of staff volunteers from Hawaii Central Federal Credit Union (FCU) volunteered their time at the Institute of Human Services (IHS), intending to help with getting much-needed meals out to the homeless community on Oahu.

The UHERO report entitled The Hawaii Housing Factbook, documented that Hawaii has the fourth highest homelessness rate in the United States. According to the report, fewer than one third of households in Hawai`i can afford the typical local home.

Celebrating 45 years of service with the help of the community, IHS Executive Director Connie Mitchell said, “The spirit of volunteerism by HCFCU is the kind of community involvement that made a huge difference back when IHS first started and is key to us keeping our doors open and people fed. Current staff shortages mean a volunteer might be the one that ensures a guest receives dinner or gets their pillow and blanket for the night.”

Many of these guests had been living on the streets of Oahu without access to cooking facilities and unable to meet their basic daily needs before entering the shelter for respite. The team made time after work over the evening of July 11th and returned after work last evening to serve up a hearty chicken dinner, courtesy of IHS. The team also helped to prep breakfast for this morning.

“It was a very humbling experience,” said Hawaii Central FCU Consumer Loan Officer and volunteer Jorge Phillip Lafedez.

Hawaii Central Federal Credit Union Presents HUGS with a Check

Hawaii Central Federal Credit Union Presents HUGS with a Check

August 1, 2023

Honolulu, Hawaii – HUGS Executive Director Amy Morton-Sogi and Development Director Alex Wereszczynskyj stopped by the Hawaii Central Federal Credit Union (FCU) Main branch on King Street where they were presented with a check in the amount of $1,052.00. Last week, a team of ten staff volunteers cooked up some local favorites for co-workers in exchange for a fifteen-dollar donation. The team sold 51 plate lunches, and presented 100% of the proceeds to HUGS, yesterday afternoon.
Morton-Sogi said, “We support families with seriously ill children to provide both emotional and financial support to local families.” Monthly programs include mom’s and dad’s nights, family events and respite activities for HUGS kids and their siblings.
Quite surprised by the outpouring of love, Wereszczynskyj asked how Hawaii Central FCU chose HUGS. Employee group member Kien Bayawa explained it was a group decision. After selecting five non-profit organizations, each member of the group reviewed their missions and a general overview of their activities, and the “majority of the team voted for HUGS.”

Hawaii Central Federal Credit Union Volunteers Raise Funds to Support HUGS

July 26, 2023

Honolulu, Hawaii – In an effort to raise money for the non-profit HUGS, a group of 10 volunteers with Hawaii Central Federal Credit Union (FCU) took to the kitchen to cook up some local favorites for co-workers in exchange for a $15 donation. One Hundred percent of the proceeds will support the HUGS of Hawaii mission to help families with children diagnosed with life-threatening conditions like cancer, respiratory illnesses, diabetes, and stroke.
“Donations will help children and parents with respite,” said group member Kien Bayawa. “The money will also be put towards programs to help families facing an unforeseen crisis or challenge.”
The team sold 51 plates to their coworkers who chowed down on a plate lunch that included Morcon (Filipino-style Meat Loaf), BBQ Chicken, Taegu, Spring Rolls, Rice, Pancit, Mac Salad, Banana Lumpia and a drink. With only 39 employees working at Hawaii Central FCU, the team more than reached their goal of 100% participation.

Working to Fight Low College Enrollment with the Student Choice Student Loan Program

College student with purple backpack and book walking to campus

Working to Fight Low College Enrollment
with the Student Choice Student Loan Program

Having passed the June 30th deadline to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), late applicants for federal financial aid should be receiving their award letters from colleges and universities and will know whether they will need additional funding through a private student loan program like the Hawaii Central Federal Credit Union (FCU) Student Choice Student Loan Program.

The Student Choice Student Loan Program can help fill funding gaps left after students apply for federal student aid to fund their 4-year undergraduate degree. Before Hawaii Central FCU can help, however, students must have filled out the FAFSA for the year in which they are applying to determine whether there is a gap. Once that process is complete, we are here to help when federal student aid is not enough to make the dream of higher education and lifelong career goals a reality. 

The application process is easy; and once approved, the funding renews yearly over the 4-year term through a revolving line of credit for students who continue to meet loan requirements. Loan requirements include meeting academic requirements with their 4-year educational institution.

“Although we are recovering from the pandemic, it had a huge impact on college enrollment, and we want to be a part of the solution,” says Hawaii Central FCU President Drake Tanabe. “Our keiki are our future, and we need to set them up for success.”

According to the 2021-2022 year-end report by P-20, college enrollment remains below pre-pandemic levels. The report states, “Public-school graduates who enrolled in college was down from a pre-pandemic level of 55% to 51%”.

P-20 is a statewide partnership led by the Executive Office on Early Learning, the Hawai`i State Department of Education, and the University of Hawai`i System that works to strengthen the education pipeline from early childhood through postsecondary education and training with data-informed decision making, advocacy, policy coordination and shared action.

College Bundle

College students away from home and their families may want to consider our College Bundle as well. The College Bundle is a host of products and services designed to keep students connected with mom and dad, making it easy for parents to ensure their child is prepared, financially, to meet day-to-day expenses as well as address emergencies as they arise. Video Banking Specialists are available to get families started with the College Bundle, which includes:

  • Central Savings
  • Central Checking with Debit Card (Apply to see if you qualify)
  • VISA Share Secured Credit Card (Apply to see if you qualify)
  • Shared Branching (5,000+ locations nationwide)
  • NO SURCHARGE FEE – ATM Access (30,000+ATMs nationwide)
  • Online & Mobile Banking with Mobile Check Deposit

Those interested in the College Bundle may also come into one of our branches for more information and to get started in person.

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Hawaii Central Federal Credit Union Ranked Among the Top Credit Unions in the State by Forbes

Forbes Ranks Hawaii Central Federal Credit Union
Among Hawaii’s Top Three Credit Unions

“Learning that Forbes ranked Hawaii Central Federal Credit Union among the top credit unions in the State was confirmation that we continue to accomplish what we set out to do as an organization, in service to our community, more than 85 years ago,” said Board Chairman Neil Shimogawa. “First and foremost, I want to thank our members who make our mission of service possible, and I want to recognize the staff and management who continue to live a motto of People Helping People.”

The ranking was a combination of Google reviews between March 2020 and April 2023, accounting for 20% of scoring, and a nationwide Best-in-State survey, accounting for 80% of scoring. In the survey, members were asked to rank credit unions on criteria to include customer service, quality of financial advice offered by representatives, transparency and reasonability of fees, website navigation, in- branch services and level of trust, overall.

Hawaii Central Federal Credit Union is the smallest in terms of staff size. With only thirty-nine employees, Hawaii Central Federal Credit Union was ranked above two credit unions in the top five with considerably larger staff – a credit union with more than quadruple the staff and another just under triple the staff.

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