Manage all your finances with Money Central!

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Introducing Money Central - Our NEW FREE personal financial management tool!

Money Central makes it easier than ever to manage your personal finances by viewing all your financial accounts in one place, regardless of where you have the accounts. Quickly view your banking, investment, retirement, mortgage and credit card information all on one screen!

Key features of Money Central are:

  • Spending Tracker: Create “tags” to categorize and monitor your spending.
  • Budget Manager: Create budgets and savings goals.
  • Net Worth Calculator: See your current net worth in a single click.
  • Cash Flow Manager: Set up a calendar to view your monthly income and bills.
  • Account Alerts: Set up alerts via email or text message.

Best of all, Money Central is FREE with our Virtual Branch Online Banking!  Take control of your finances and reach your financial goals with Money Central!

Log in to Virtual Branch Online Banking and click on the Money Central tab.

Not signed up for Virtual Branch Online Banking yet? Click here to enroll.

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