EMV Cards Update

Updated 8/3/16


In preparation for our new EMV credit cards, you may see two (2) credit cards listed in Home Banking: (1) your current card number; and (2) your new EMV card number. We are in the process of moving balances from your current card to your new card. Your payment amount due is listed in your July 2016 credit card statement. Please call our Loan Department at 536-0833 if you have any questions.

All active credit cards (HCFCU Platinum, Gold, Classic and TQFCU credit cards) will be replaced with our Platinum Cash Rewards Credit Card.  Current credit cardholders will receive their new EMV credit card in early August.  Once the new card arrives, please be sure to activate it and properly destroy the old card.

For cardholders with credit cards expiring July 31, 2016, you will be receiving a non-EMV reissue card on your current account sometime in the middle of July and your new EMV Platinum card in early August.  Please destroy the non-EMV reissued card once you receive your new EMV card.  

All non-EMV credit cards will begin to be deactivated on August 19, 2016.


Important Dates:

Early August

Your new EMV HCFCU VISA Platinum Cash Rewards Credit Card will arrive in the mail and once your new card is activated, you will begin to earn cash rewards on your purchases.  


Please ensure we have your current mailing address. If you have recently moved, please click here for our Address Update form.  


 Current cards will begin to be deactivated.  



Frequently Asked Questions about the upcoming EMV Credit Card transition: 

 If you have any questions regarding this EMV Credit Card transition, please call our Consumer Loan Department at 536-3677.  


EMV Debit Cards

HCFCU EMV DEBITAll active HCFCU VISA Debit Cardholders should have received their new EMV Visa Debit Card in January.  If you haven't done so already, please activate your new EMV Debit Card as soon as possible as this replaces your previously issued HCFCU Debit Card.  If you are an active Debit Cardholder and have not recieved your replacement EMV Debit Card, please call us at 536-3677.