80th Annual Meeting Recap

Hawaii Central FCU held its 80th Annual Meeting on Saturday, March 10, 2018 at 10:30 AM at the Japanese Cultural Center. Congratulations to Alan Yasuda and Sam Aucoin who were voted in by members to each serve a 3-year term on the Board of Directors. To view pictures from the meeting, visit our Facebook page.

Highlights from 2017 included:

  • Total assets increased by $7.3 million to $270 million.
  • Loans to members increased by $5.5 million to $145 million.
  • Member deposits increased by $6.4 million to $246 million.
  • Launching our “Unbank With Us” campaign which highlights how we’re different from the big banks – better rates, little to no fees on products and services and personalized customer service.
  • Our free Super Rewards Checking program continues to provide members monthly rewards like higher dividends, cash back or credit towards online entertainment just by using their HCFCU Debit Card on everyday purchases.
  • Continuation of partnerships with Estate Planning Group to provide free estate planning seminars to our members. We’ve also partnered with Planning Services of Hawaii and Premier Benefits Consultants to provide additional seminars on topics including Medicare, social security and long-term care.

Please review our Annual Report to learn more about our 2017 highlights and performance.

Low-Rate Home Equity Line of Credit

*APR: Annual Percentage Rate. Rates effective April 1, 2018 through June 30, 2018. Rates listed above are available for Owner-Occupied, Single Family properties with a CLTV up to 80%. The introductory rates of 1.49% is for the initial twelve months, 2.49% is for the initial twenty-four months, or 3.49% is for the initial thirty-six months from the time the home equity line is opened.  Thereafter, the rates are adjusted quarterly to the prime rate as published in the Money Rates column of the Wall Street Journal plus a 1% margin. This plan is subject to a floor rate of 5.25% and 18% maximum with a 15 year draw and 30 year amortization period. There will be no closing costs and no points, however, if the line of credit is closed within two years, member will be required to repay all waived closing costs. Also, a $10,000 minimum initial draw is required and must remain outstanding for at least six months or the waived closing costs must be repaid.  If the title to the property is in Trust, members may be required to pay for a Trust Review Fee of $125 per Trust. Additional fees may apply for a first lien HELOC and for HELOCS of $250,000 or higher. Additional home equity line programs are available, please call for more information. Certain requirements and restrictions apply.

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